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30 years of excellence in communications and journalism

I provide expert service in crisis and issues management, media relations and integrated marketing communications.

I’ve polished my skills with some of Manitoba's major issues of our times.

 Degreed and certified from:

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Charles McDougall, MA, APR

Charles McDougall, MA, APR

Crisis management

A crisis is a turning point – for better or worse. Successfully handling a crisis demands refined skills, an inventory of assets, and quick responses. You will be judged not only by the actual event – but by your response to the event.

The time to acquire these skills is long before a crisis.

Taking this crisis-management course will prepare you to respond in a way that reduces uncertainty, manages risk, and accelerates a return to normal operations.

Type: Instructor-led, individual or group training

Duration: 1-2 days

Format: During the pandemic, workshops are held on video conference, including realistic simulations video-recorded for follow-up analysis

Location: Zoom video conference

If you are facing a public controversy, take this course.

You will learn:

• How to spot an emerging crisis

• How to prepare a crisis response plan

• How to manage communications with diverse stakeholders during a crisis

• Techniques to minimize the disruption, duration, and severity of a crisis event

Media training

Repeating your key messages is ineffective and erodes trust between you, the reporter and your audience. The old ways of media relations are no longer working.

Taking this media-training course will show you new ways to identify, develop, and deliver your key messages quickly, effectively and with confidence.

Media-training course

Type: Instructor-led, individual or group training

Duration: 1-2 days

Format: During the pandemic, workshops are held by video conference, including participation in realistic simulations that video-recorded for follow-up analysis

Location: Zoom video conference

Attendees: Managers and leaders of public and private organizations; executives and spokespeople with IR, PR, and GR responsibilities

With a solid foundation of communication strategy and through practical live on-camera rehearsals, you will learn:

• What the media is looking for and how it operates;

• The elements of an effective communication strategy;

• How to talk through the media to the public, and 

• To recognize the techniques journalists use—and how to stay on message—no matter how tough the questioning. 

Programs and services

In addition to crisis management and media relations, Foxtower Communications offers a full suite of communications services that includes:

Communications strategy

My strategic approach to communications plans includes research, analysis, a comprehensive communications action plan and evaluation with recommendations for next steps.

Media relations planning

My media plans consider the broader media discussion and where your organization fits in that conversation. I create plans that build trust and relationships with the media over time so that they know who to turn to when they need expertise on a subject where you excel. 

Event planning, promotion and evaluation

My event plans have evaluation methods built into the plans that help you to determine what you did well and what you could improve  to make your event even better next time.

Coaching for public speaking and speechwriting

The old cliché is true—speaking is the number-1 fear among North American adults. This must be overcome to achieve your objectives. Fumbling for words might work with direct reports—they have to listen. But in order to inspire your team, to convince reporters and to win the trust of the public, anything other than excellence will not do.

Writing and editing 

Do your marketing materials need improvement? I am  an expert writer with 30 years' professional experience. I can help refresh and revise your written products. 

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